For you - A poem

My Heart aches for you My Spirit yearns for you My Soul thirsts for you….for you, for you and only for You!
For you comfort me For you love me For you made me….for you, for you and only for You!
I will walk for you I will talk for you I will love for you….for you, for you and only for You!

I wrote this poem during my time in as a nanny for 8 kids. I was in a time of transition in my life and always praying and searching for direction in my life. I found a bunch of these poems recently and see how much God was writing them for me. He was the hand and I was pencil.

When our children speak!

To Change or Not to Change

As the days get shorter and nights get longer, as the temperature gets colder and the wind gets chiller, there is much that is changing when I glance over the beautiful foliage of trees that transcend the landscape. I see reds, oranges, yellows and mixtures of both. I love the color change.
What is actually happening in the leaves is that the plant needs to save energy and supplies to survive winter. The color change isn’t because a new color is appearing, it actually is that the colors/pigments which already exist in the leaves get to come out. They were just are over shadowed by chlorophyll which is what makes leaves green. When the plant needs to save the chlorophyll for the next season of growth it shuts it down. While doing that the other pigments living in the leaves come forth. Changing the existence of chlorophyll helps us see the other colors hiding behind.
The change is inevitable to save the plant for the winter so it can bloom in the spring.
When we have changes in our own li…

Opportune Time

At the end of Jesus time in the desert where he fasted for 40 days and was tempted by the devil it ended with this verse Luke 4:13 “When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time.” I have written in the margins in the past, what was a more opportune time he was waiting for?
Right now this is the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. He has been waiting 30 years for this time to come. He has been in the shadows as a carpenter. Watching people that are hurt, sick, lost and couldn’t really do anything about it. Even still he knew that his time would come where he could heal the sick, feed the lost, and change the world literally! Those 30 years of waiting couldn’t have been easy and for him to decide to fast in the desert for 40 days to be prayed up for the next three years of ministry was a serious step. And after that time his was ready to GO! That is why I keep thinking that even though we know that Jesus is perfect and doesn’t sin. I still feel like scriptu…

Myrtle Trees

In Zechariah 1:7-17 the prophet had a vision of a man on a red horse in the middle of myrtle trees. At first looked it seemed simple enough, but the word myrtle stood out to me. I did a little research on myrtle trees. These myrtle trees are specific to the middle east area. They are large thick bushes that many would use as a barrier around a building. They usually stand from 8 to 12 feet tall. Great for a warrior to hide behind during war, even if they were on a horse. They bloom white flowers in the middle of spring and early summer. Their berries are purplish in color and almost similar to blackberries. Because of where they live they are very tolerant to drought. They are also deer resistant and they can be grown in soil made of chalk, clay, or sand. These shrubs are extremely a low maintenance plant. They are disease free and pest free. Their leaves are glossy and aromatic. Many of the cultures around there use the leaves for seasoning meat by wrapping the meat with the leaves.

Let Hope Rise

Most every type of liquid on this planet sinks when it freezes. The molecules slow down as it gets colder and they bind closer together. The more they get closer together they get heavy meaning they sink to the bottom of the liquid they started in. This is all true expect for water which is H2O. When water freezes it floats on top of the water. If water didn’t float we would have frozen lakes and the deep water in the ocean would be frozen. That would mean no deep water sea life could live because of the ice. Our source of water would grow lesser and lesser because of the sinking water. Thankfully it doesn’t and it floats. Here is how, as the molecules get colder their kinetic energy gets less and less. Water, H2O, has such a simple structure that the molecules keep finding new ways to bond with each other until they find a permanent partner to bond starting at 4℃. At this point the permanent partner they have bonded with starts to create a fixed hexagon structure. It is a strong stru…