"I'm Fine"

I keep replaying it over and over again. I can’t get it out of my head. Seeing my husband leaning over the kitchen corner shaking with mucus and foam coming out of his nose and mouth was a scary sight. As I was trying to assess the situation and figuring out what to do next all he kept repeating to me was “I’m fine.”
That phrase sticks with me still. How many times have I told people “I’m fine” when in reality I was far from it. We are such independent people. We want to do the work on our own. We have become this self sufficient human beings that doesn’t need the rest of the world to help out our situations. Where does it say in all of history that we are suppose to do this life by ourselves.
Wars are always fought as an army. Countries are always built as a group of people. Governments are built with multiple leaders. Churches are created with the start of 2 or 3 people. Schools are formed with a teacher and a student.
Nothing can be built to stand the journey of time unless it is done wit…

Are we looking for Jesus?

In Matthew 2:1-6 the Magi from the far east were looking for the King of the Jews. They had seen a star and had been watching, studying, and paying attention to the signs the world was saying about the coming of Jesus.But what intrigues me isn’t their pursuit of the King of the Jews it was the chief priests and teachers of the Law. When the Magi asked for directions King Herod brought them out to confirm what the Magi were looking for. They knew the scripture. They had been memorizing it since childhood. They knew the signs too, but they choose not to pursue the Messiah. The signs of their Savior were right in front of them, but they missed them all because they weren’t looking. Even with helping the Magi they still didn’t seem interested in visiting the King of the Jews.
They weren’t even curious. Why is that? What made these men stop looking for their Messiah?
I will give them some benefit of the doubt. They were in the middle of Roman rule. They probably knew that King Herod wouldn’t a…

So much Freedom!

When I was diagnosed with Alpha Gal syndrome I had no idea what the would mean for the next 3 years. At first it seemed easy to think stay away from beef and pork, but when I started having reactions because of medicine and supplements the allergy got more complicated. Each new allergic reaction or new allergy I got because of my Lyme disease I would at first be overwhelmed.Many times I would stand in the middle of a grocery store aisle reading ingredients of a package in tears. Food and cooking turned from being a joy to do to being a chore. Each meal I prepared for myself took longer than most and any fast convenient food was very limited. When I did found something quick and convenient to make or eat it usually was expensive. Soon this new life was my normal. Even my daughter learned the art of checking ingredients when she picks up a box or jar at the store. When friends and family asked how did we do it. I honestly didn't know how to answer.
It was my life. It was frustrating. I…

Olive Harvesting

For you - A poem

My Heart aches for you My Spirit yearns for you My Soul thirsts for you….for you, for you and only for You!
For you comfort me For you love me For you made me….for you, for you and only for You!
I will walk for you I will talk for you I will love for you….for you, for you and only for You!

I wrote this poem during my time in as a nanny for 8 kids. I was in a time of transition in my life and always praying and searching for direction in my life. I found a bunch of these poems recently and see how much God was writing them for me. He was the hand and I was pencil.

When our children speak!

To Change or Not to Change

As the days get shorter and nights get longer, as the temperature gets colder and the wind gets chiller, there is much that is changing when I glance over the beautiful foliage of trees that transcend the landscape. I see reds, oranges, yellows and mixtures of both. I love the color change.
What is actually happening in the leaves is that the plant needs to save energy and supplies to survive winter. The color change isn’t because a new color is appearing, it actually is that the colors/pigments which already exist in the leaves get to come out. They were just are over shadowed by chlorophyll which is what makes leaves green. When the plant needs to save the chlorophyll for the next season of growth it shuts it down. While doing that the other pigments living in the leaves come forth. Changing the existence of chlorophyll helps us see the other colors hiding behind.
The change is inevitable to save the plant for the winter so it can bloom in the spring.
When we have changes in our own li…